Bruce Wayne Carter, USMC
Medal of Honor Recipient
In normal times, we look at children, and in them, we see a memorial to their parents. 
Sometimes, life is not normal, and in the great American love story of Bruce Wayne
Carter and his mother Georgie Carter Krell, we look at the mother, and we see in her
a memorial to her son.

Bruce Carter is a member of one of the most elite groups in United States history, a
recipient of the Medal of Honor.  His is a story of a young man’s courage and sacrifice
during the Vietnam War, a story to be remembered about a young man to be honored.  
His mother Georgie is a Mother of Honor. Although that is not a title that any
government agency bestows, it is one that she has earned.  In honoring Bruce’s courage
and sacrifice, we honor the sacrifices of so many young men.  In honoring Georgie’s
courage and sacrifice, we honor the sacrifices of the families left behind, left to grieve,
left to pick up the pieces.

For over three decades, Georgie has channeled her grief and her energy into creating out of countless hours and boundless love a fitting memorial to her son.  While this website is an online memorial to Bruce, it is also a tribute to Georgie, his mother.  Itis dedicated to all those suffering veterans and grieving mothers whose lives she has touched, whose lives - through her - Bruce has touched.
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Special acknowledgements to:
PFC Bruce Wayne Carter USMC-
MOH Detachment #052 of the Marine Corps League
PFC Bruce W. Carter Chapter 121
of the Vietnam Veterans of America
Candy Haworth (who painted the double portrait, above)

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