A Mother in Vietnam
(Left to right)
Ann Herd, Bob Lauver, Georgie, Emogene Cupp

In August, 2002, Georgie joined three other brave Gold Star Mothers to make a trip, a pilgrimage, to Vietnam, to get as close as possible to the places where their sons died.  By coincidence, it was on August 24th, the day before her birthday (the day on which Bruce was buried) that the group arrived at a point some 6.5 kilometers west of Cam Lo.  Vietnam veteran Bob Lauver tells the story:

We came upon a clearing at the base of the hill and stopped.  This was the approximate area where Bruce Carter was killed and won the Medal of Honor.  I read the Medal of Honor Citation and said a few words.  Georgianna Carter Krell, Bruce's mother, then recited a poem to him that she had written many years ago.  Flags were placed.  A highly emotional moment. 

Lauver, Mike Sweeney, and Gregg Dearborn, Vietnam veterans and members of Duster, Quads, and Searchlight, made all arrangements and accompanied the mothers.  The President sent each a letter, wishing her well.

For the Memorial Day Concert 2003, the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, the Public Broadcasting System included a tribute to these women and their sons.  You can listen to it here.

Georgie's companions and their sons:

Emogene Cupp (83), Alexandria, Virginia
Robert Cupp, 21, killed in June 1966 on his 21st birthday, when he stepped onto a mine

Anne Herd (76), Fort Worth, Texas
Ronnie Herd, 21, when killed in August 1970 by "friendly fire," when he was mistaken for the enemy

Florence Johnson (79), from Braintree, Massachusetts
Edward "Ted" Johnson, 18, when killed in August 1967, three months after arriving in Vietnam; received the Bronze Star for bravery
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A Mother in Vietnam