Marine Corps League Det. #052

History, and Activities of the PFC. Bruce Wayne Carter USMC-MOH
Detachment # 052, Marine Corps League, Miami, Florida.

Our Detachment is named in honor of PFC. Bruce Wayne Carter, USMC, who gave his
life in combat, to save several fellow Marines; while serving with “H” Company, 2nd,
Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division, in the Republic of Vietnam on 7 August 1969.
In September 1971, he was posthumously awarded the “Medal of Honor”, for his gallantry
in action. The Detachment, formally the “Hialeah Miami Florida, Detachment”, was formed
in the late 1940’s. It was re-chartered, and re-named for PFC. Bruce Wayne Carter USMC,
on 19 October 1971. PFC. Bruce Wayne Carter, was born in New York, grew up in Miami,
Florida, and attended school there; living with his Mother, Mrs. Georgie Carter Krell, his
stepfather Mr. Frank Krell; a retired MSgt. in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, and two sisters.

Our Detachment; currently with 72 members, is one of 57 detachments, with
over 4000 members in the State of Florida. The Marine Corps League, was chartered by
Congress in 1921, as a “National Veterans Association,” now has over 75,000 member’s
in over 1100 detachments.

Our Detachment meets for a monthly, luncheon meeting. Currently, at 12.00 noon, on the last
Saturday of the month, at the “Piccadilly Cafeteria”. 8301 West Flagler Street, In Miami. Our Detachment
has been engaged in many civic, community and veterans affairs activities over the years, Our other activities
include volunteer work and visits at the newly renamed “Bruce W. Carter Department of Veterans Affairs
Medical Center”, in Miami, FL;  participation in Flag Day, Forth of July, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day
events.  We support the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, and “Operation Brave Kids”
at: that supports and contributes to the children of deployed members of the
Reserve and National Guard, in South Florida. We also support the “Young Marines of
Miami-Dade County.  Their very informative website is at:  
We are also members of the South Florida Marine Corps Coordinating Council”. Their
website address for additional information and several other related Marine Corps links
is at:

We also very strongly support the annual local, and  National  "Marine Corps
Reserve" “Toys For Tots” program. Their very informative website is at:www.toysfortots.
com One of our past Detachment Commandants, Gunnery Sergeant Louis Slagle, USMC-Ret. is the National Marine Corps League Coordinator and Department of Florida Liaison for “Toys For Tots”, and the Department of Florida “Marines Helping Marines” Liaison. “Semper Fidelis”…

When the ”beyond tragic” terrorist bombing of the “Marine Barracks” in Beirut Lebanon occurred on 23 October 1983, several of our local detachment members took part in all of the local funeral services and tributes for the five South Florida Marines killed in that horrific attack. We had several fund-raisers and sought donations, to finally erect a very beautiful and suitable “Florida Beirut Monument”, which now stands in their honored tribute, in the “All Wars Memorial Park” in the “City of North Miami Beach”, to honor the 25 Marines and two U.S. Navy Corpsman from Florida, who died in that tragic terrorist attack. Total credit, for the monuments design, location, construction and dedication, is due Lt. Col. Roger D. Angel USMC, the Marine Corps’ Inspector Instructor, assigned to the Miami Marine Corps Reserve unit, at the time, and to his family. Each October 23rd and on every “Memorial Day”, and “Veterans Day”, our detachment members visit and place floral tributes there, We also keep in touch with, and assist the local families of those Marines.

Several of our detachment members have devoted many years to our Marine Corps League activities and Detachment support.  The one member, however who stands out above all others, is Mrs. Georgie Carter Krell.  In the many years since the tragic death of her son Bruce, she has devoted many thousands of hours of “volunteer” work at the: VA Medical Center in Miami; now officially renamed (By an act or Congress) for Bruce.   From feeding patients, writing letters for them, reading to them, and seeing to their general welfare She has received many well deserved awards from the Veterans Administration, for her unique, very loving, and unequaled dedicated service. Additionally, she has served as the National President of the “American Gold Star Mothers”, serving in that high office, from June 2001 to June 2002, and again from June 2008 to June 2009.

The detachments current staff consists of: Commandant: Dario Avello, Senior Vice Commandant: Alexis Rodriguez, Junior Vice-Commandant: Arthur Angelica, Adjutant and Paymaster, Frank Kovacs, Chaplain: Carl Laks, Sergeant At Arms: Roy Levi, Judge Advocate and VAVS Veterans Hospital“ Representative” James Phillips. And the Commanding Officer of the “Young Marines of Miami Dade” is: Kenneth Ottley.  Visit our beautiful Detachment “Website”at: We are always looking for “More New Members” to join our ranks. Call 305-724-4902 [Cell phone), and message line. Leave your name and a phone number, for a call back.
(Left-right) Frank Kovacs and Bruce's step-father Frank Krell at one of the Detachment's functions.
Georgie & The Veterans
Gold Star Mothers
The Others
A Mother in Vietnam